Juniper Unified Access Control

Juniper Networks Unified Access Control (UAC) - Access Control for High-performance Businesses

  • Delivers network access control, visibility and monitoring of applications and users to sustain regulatory compliance while mitigating risk and exposure to rapidly evolving threat landscape

  • Provides advanced protection of networks and applications

  • Reduces the complexity and cost of deploying and managing network access control

  • Enables phased approach to network access control deployments


Networks and applications can no longer be viewed as separate from the business. To grow and sustain productivity, access to networks and applications must be open and pervasive, yet remain secure and controlled. As the demand for access to networks and applications increases, though, so do the threats and risks to business and productivity.

Today's networks not only need to effectively handle unmanaged devices and guest users attempting network access; they need to also address support for unmanageable devices, post admission control, and application access control, visibility and monitoring.

Juniper Networks' Unified Access Control (UAC) solution combines user identity, device security state and location information for session-specific access policy by user enforced throughout the network. Juniper's UAC is an open, standards-based solution built on field-tested, best-in-class security and access control products. UAC enables a phased approach to deploying network and application access control, leveraging existing enterprise network investments and deployments. UAC enforces policy at Layer 2 using any vendor's 802.1X-enabled switches or wireless access points, at Layers 3 - 7 using Juniper firewalls, or both. UAC expands access control to network traffic, delivering ubiquitous protection by implementing simultaneous security enforcement deeper in the network's core and outward to the network's edge. UAC delivers network access control, visibility, and monitoring, protecting the enterprise network and applications while reducing the cost and complexity of deploying and managing access control.

Juniper Networks UAC delivers:

  • Advanced network access protection
  • Application and network access control, visibility and monitoring
  • Simple, flexible network access control

Juniper UAC features coordinated threat control, an identity-enabled profiler, dynamic support for unmanageable devices, extended support for cross-platform endpoints, enhanced endpoint assessment and automatic remediation, and simplified deployment and use.