Juniper EX-Series

EX-series Ethernet Switch Portfolio

The EX 3200, EX 4200 and EX 8200 series Ethernet switches from Juniper Networks represent a new era in networking. This family of high-performance, carrier-class solutions is designed to address your unique business requirements and create a secure, reliable network that's ideal for today's converged network deployments.

EX-series switches are easy to deploy and manage, allowing you to design more energy-efficient networks, with the flexibility to let you innovate with confidence. Powered by JUNOS™ software—the field-tested and customer-proven operating system used by Juniper high-performance routers—the EX-series enables you to roll out new features and applications that will actually enhance your business operations without threatening network performance.

Offering fixed-configuration, virtual-chassis, and Terabit-chassis models, all running the same JUNOS software, the EX-series Ethernet switches deliver the network reliability, integrated security and access control that are essential to today's high-performance businesses.



High-performance businesses understand the importance of high-performance networks. The EX-series Ethernet switches from Juniper Networks deliver such a solution, offering an innovative alternative to the cost and complexity of maintaining legacy switched networks.

Designed specifically for high-performance businesses, the EX-series Ethernet switches allow companies to grow their networks at their own pace, minimizing large up-front investments. The EX-series switches provide the carrier-class reliability, security risk management, virtualization, application control and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) that businesses need today while allowing them to scale in an economically sensible way for years to come.


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Features and Benefits

The Juniper Networks EX 3200, EX 4200, and EX 8200 series Ethernet switches advance the economics of networking with five key areas of innovation that, working together, deliver a truly high-performance solution.

Carrier-Class Reliability: Juniper Networks EX-series Ethernet switches leverage the same field-tested Juniper technology-including high-performance ASICs, a carrier-class system architecture and JUNOSTM software-that powers the world's largest service provider networks. The result is a robust, proven and highly reliable network infrastructure.

Security Risk Management: Juniper EX-series Ethernet switches tightly integrate with the Juniper Unified Access Control (UAC) solution to deliver granular access control and usage policy based on user identity, device and location.

Virtualization: The EX 4200 series switches feature Juniper Virtual ChassisTM technology, which enables up to 10 EX 4200 switches to be interconnected and operate as a single, logical system. With Virtual Chassis technology, users get the reliability, performance, manageability and high-port densities of traditional chassis-based systems in a cost-effective, compact form factor.

Application Control:
To ensure application traffic is properly prioritized, the entire EX-series Ethernet switches support eight QoS queues per port-more than enough to establish separate queues for control plane, voice, video and multiple levels of data traffic, with room to converge other networks such as building automation and security cameras.

Lower TCO: The high-performance, high-density EX-series lets users start small and grow incrementally. Leveraging a common version of the JUNOS software across Juniper routers and switches ensures consistency throughout the infrastructure and accelerates the learning curve. Unified management tools consolidate system monitoring and maintenance, saving time and money.