IP Office Editions


IP Office Essential Edition

IP Office Essential Edition allows businesses to implement effective call management processes and efficient call handling. Embedded on the IP Office SD Card, Essential Edition can be deployed in a server-less environment - ideal for businesses with a tight budget but still requiring high functionality.

Avaya Essential Edition by IP Office v6 from Westcon ConvergenceKey Features

  • SD Card - no server required.
  • Scalable to 6 ports from the default 2.
  • Voicemail box for every user with 15 hrs of storage time (system wide).
  • Auto-Attendants: up to 40 (max 4 simultaneous calls) with customisable greetings and call routing options.
  • Dial By Name by typing the name on the phone keypad.
  • Remote Voicemail Retrieval.
  • Voicemail Message Control via the terminal; save, delete, forward, repeat, rewind and skip message.
  • Multiple Language Support.



IP Office Preferred Edition

IP Office Preferred Edition provides businesses with intelligent call routing, sophisticated messaging and call handling plus database integration. These capabilities enable efficient collaboration with customers and colleagues and help drive a better customer experience and higher levels of productivity.

Avaya Essential Edition by IP Office v6 from Westcon ConvergenceKey Features

  • Scalable: up to 40 simultaneous calls with voicemail access and storage (4 ports as standard).
  • Auto-Attendants: unlimited multi-level automated attendant, sophisticated routing options plus time/day call routing, queue announcements, etc.
  • Automated Announcements instead of music on hold.
  • Secure Conference bridges (2 x 64 party) plus options for ad hoc conference calls.
  • Call Recording of incoming, outgoing and conference calls.
  • User Options for personal attendants, routing options, customised greetings and message retrieval.
  • Voicemail to Email Synchronisation.
  • Email Reading and Reply via Microsoft Exchange.



IP Office Advanced Edition

IP Office Advanced Edition builds on the capabilities of Preferred Edition by providing a complete call centre solution. Supervisors have the ability to manage agent work groups and customer demands to ensure high service levels are maintained. Historic and real time reporting enables management to make informed decisions about customers, agent performance and call flows.

Avaya Essential Edition by IP Office v6 from Westcon ConvergenceKey Features

  • View Agent Status such as number of calls answered, average answer time and calls lost.
  • Historical Reporting.
  • Campaign Manager with survey creation.
  • Contact Store: archive call recordings for secure storage and easy retrieval via a web browser. Archived recordings can be searched based on a number of parameters such as date, time and extension number.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): self-help menus can be created to allow customers to automatically interact with a business via voice control. For example, this can be used to allow customers to place or change orders and check delivery status.
  • Text To Speech (TTS): enhance the callers experience by allowing the IP Office to read back information that has been captured from a database.


UCC Asean Team