IP Office Conferencing

IP Office comes with an in-built audio conference bridge as standard. This enables businesses to eliminate the cost of out-sourced conference calls by bringing the functionality inhouse.

Business Benefits

  • Reduce Costs: IP Office Conferencing enables businesses to drastically reduce costs associated with using out-sourced services as well as reducing the cost of travel to and from meetings. With IP Office Conferencing the return on investment can be quick.
  • Reduce Travel: conference calls can significantly reduce the amount of travel time. Not only does this reduce costs, it also improves productivity by cutting wasted travel time and enhancing morale.
  • Higher Productivity: providing instant collaboration with document sharing, regardless of location, can significantly improve productivity by ensuring colleagues share information and decisions are quickly made.
  • Work/Life Balance: reducing the need to travel can have a major impact on the work/life balance which can improve worker morale. A happy workforce is more likely to be productive and loyal to a business.
  • Business Continuity: conferencing can ensure that meetings still go ahead even when events such as industrial action, pandemics and severe weather make it impossible to physically meet.

Key Features

  • Capacity: IP Office supports 2 x 64 conference calls (or combinations of) as standard.
  • Secure Access: with IP Office Preferred Edition, dial-in prompts and PIN codes can be setup for secure access to conference calls.
  • Conference Call Recording: with IP Office Preferred Edition, conference calls can be recorded.
  • Ad-hoc or Scheduled Conference Calls: the 'meet-me' feature enables conference calls to be setup on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Conference Control: IP Office Office Worker, Tele-Worker, Power User and Receptionist have the ability to manage and control conference calls via the desktop.


UCC Asean Team