IP Office Call Centre

IP Office Customer Call Reporter (CCR) is an ideal solution for any business that makes and receives a high volume of customer calls. CCR is included with IP Office Advanced Edition. Both agents and supervisors are provided with a range of tools to help them maximise performance and deliver a superior customer service.

Business Benefits

  • Superior Customer Service: providing tools to manage performance levels ensures calls are answered quickly.
  • Improve Agent Productivity: supervisors can use real time / historical reporting and alarm thresholds to manage high and low call volume periods. Agents have visibility of real time information so they can manage their workload to maximise performance.
  • Increase Revenue Opportunities: detailed historic reporting on customer calling patterns can help drive more effective sales campaigns and sales activities.
  • Maintain Best Practise: all calls that are routed to an agent can be tracked, monitored and recorded to ensure customer service levels and best practice.
  • Virtual Agents: agents can be 'virtually' deployed to improve recruitment and retention of key workers, increase market reach and reduce costs. Virtual agents can be managed by supervisors and still have access to the same information and features as office based agents.

Key Features

  • Scalable: supports up to 150 agents and 30 supervisors (1 supervisor is included with IP Office Advanced Edition).
  • Simplified Deployment: CCR runs on a single server with agent and supervisor applications deployed via thin clients. This helps to lower the total cost of ownership and simplifies the deployment of agents.
  • Historical Reporting: CCR provides 6 historical reports however over 100 reports can be customised based on individual business requirements.
  • Alarm Notifications: supervisors can set thresholds based on agent and customer states. Notifications are provided to the supervisor based on threshold settings.
  • Real Time Statistics: agents and supervisors have visibility of real time statistics via web based applications. This information can help agents and supervisors make decisions to improve customer service.
  • Supervisor PC Wallboard: a browser based PC wallboard that can display CCR statistics as well as srcolling messages and an agent leaderboard.


UCC Asean Team