Avaya Financial Services

Accelerate Your Cash Flow with Avaya Financial Services and Westcon

The Advanced Funding Programme (AFP) is a new product designed to increase cashflow and free up business partner credit lines in the current credit-crunch environment.

With AFP (subject to contract), AFS will pay Westcon all upfront costs for the equipment, and will pay Avaya accredited business partners 50% of the installation costs prior to installation. Remaining monies due to the Avaya business partner are then paid upon completion.

AFP is now available through Westcon and combined with the 0% finance offering, gives even more support to help overcome current financial challenges.


Why use Advanced Funding?

  • Collect cash more quickly
  • Increase credit limits available through Westcon
  • Shorten the overall sales cycle

What do I do now?

  • Read the documentation for additional information
  • Contact your Westcon Account Manager
  • Complete contract application
  • Subject to contract approval start trading


Want to find out more?

Download the documentation below and contact your Westcon Account Manager.


UCC Asean Team