Single Server & Virtualised Solutions

Avaya Aura™ System Platform: 
Supported applications:  

  • Mid-size Business Template
    Allows Avaya Aura to be sold and implemented as a complete single server communications focused on simplifying IP/SIP telephony rollout to customers with up to 2,400 stations.
    Mid-size Business Template (MBT) contains the following applications using System Platform technology as the key foundation for the solution:
    • Communication Manager 5.2.1
    • Communication Manager Messaging
    • S.E.S 5.2.1 (Home/Edge Combo configurations)
    • A.E.S 5.2
    • Media Services (software IP media gateway) - Licence required
    • Utility service
    Business Continuity and Survivability is provided by System Platform technology's 'High Availability' option.


  • Modular Messaging Template
    Enabled by System Platform technology and allows businesses to combine:
    • Message Application Server (MAS)
    • Message Storage Server (MSS)
    • Optional Web Client and Web Subscriber Options servers (WSO)
    • Secure Access Link (SAL)


  • Communication Manager Template
    • Duplex: CM6.0 + Linux
    • Simplex: Utility Server + CM6.0 + CM Messaging
    • Survivable Remote: Utility Server + CM6.0 + CM Messaging + Session Manager for Survivable Remote 
  • Other Solutions
    • Avaya Aura Conferencing - Standard Edition
    • Avaya Aura Messaging
    • Avaya Aura Session Manager
    • Avaya Aura System Manager 
    • Avaya Aura Session Border Controller
  • System Platform:
    Enables simplified deployment of Avaya's producs and solutions. It provides a common framework that leverages virtualisation technology and common installation, licensing and support infrastructure to deliver Avaya's applications effectively.


Avaya Aura System Platform framework infrastructure from Westcon Convergence


UCC Asean Team