From the cost-effective 1600 series to the class-leading 9600 series there is an IP terminal to suit any need and any budget. With the continued availability of the more established 4600 series IP terminal and IP Conference units manufactured by Polycom, Avaya also boasts one of the most comprehensive and diverse range of IP Terminals on the market today.


Plantronics handset configurator for Avaya phones

Plantronics Configurator

Visit our configurator page, designed to match the right plantronics headset to Avaya handsets.

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1600 Series (one-X™ Deskphone Value Edition):

Value-priced family of deskphones designed to meet basic communication needs in a low-cost package with the quality and reliability you expect from Avaya

Three models: 1603, 1608, 1616.

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Westcon Avaya 1600 1603 1608 1616 IP Phone
Westcon Avaya 9600 9670 9620 9630 9640 9650 IP Phone Telephony

9600 Series (one-X™ Deskphone Edition):

Next-generation IP telephones that deliver a new and unique communications experience to drive increased productivity.
Models: 9608, 9611G, 9620L, 9620C, 9621G, 9630(G), 9640(G), 9641G, 9650, 9650C
(9630 & 9640 models are available as Gigabit options and 9640 has a full color display)

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one-X Communicator:
SIP or H.323 softphone application. Users will benefit from aggregated, intelligent presence information about their colleagues, be able to make and receive calls as well as administer voicemail and control conference calls - all through a single client.

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Westcon Avaya One-X Communicator
Westcon Avaya one-X Portal EC500

one-X Portal:
Web-based desktop telephony portal that can support administration of EC500 and provide desktop access to voicemail and conference functionality as well as providing key telephony functionality

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one-X Attendant:
Your customers are successful if their customers are satisfied with their telephone service - this includes friendly and competent forwarding of incoming calls to the right person or department. one-X Attendant includes features such as:

  • Touch-screen compatibility
  • Contact Management
  • External database connectivity such as Outlook
  • Presence and absence information
Wireless IP Telephony:
Extending Avaya IP Telephony over Wireless LANs improves accessibility, productivity and responsiveness for on-premises mobile employees. Avaya Wireless IP solutions include several different choices to meet diverse end-user needs and environments. Users can select from 3 different endpoints; 3631, 3641 & 3645 (pictured).

Combining traditional DECT and IP technolog, this solution allows companies without a Wireless IP infrastructure to benefit from wireless communications.

IP DECT delivers secure, high-quality wireless voice communications to mobile employees within a building or across a campus.

Two endpoint options are available; 3720 or 3725 (pictured).

Westcon Avaya IP Dect 3720 3725
Westcon Avaya IP Conference Terminal 1692 and 4692 IP Conference Terminals:
The newest IP Conference terminal from Avaya is the 1692. Building on the 4690 terminals, this offers IP-based, full-duplex conference capabilities for small and large conference rooms. Full-time 360-degree coverage assures that everyone in the room can be heard.


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