Avaya Messaging and Unified Communication solutions enable quick and effective communication and collaboration across the enterprise. Mobility and desktop applications improve responsiveness and accelerates transactions. Enhanced messaging capabilities, such as one-X™ Speech Access, give mobile employees hands-free access to desktop tools (e.g. Microsoft Outlook) and communications (e.g. dialing, conferencing) through simple and intuitive speech commands.


Avaya AURA Communication Manager Messaging

  • Software-only solution providing call answering and messaging capabilities for small to medium sized businesses and branch offices.
  • Embedded on S8300D & S8800.
    (User RTUs included with Enterprise licences - chargeable with Standard licences).
  • Manages the delivery of voice, fax and text messaging.

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Avaya Aura Communication Manager Message by Avaya from Westcon Convergence


Modular Messaging

  • Modular Messaging by Avaya brought to you by Westcon ConvergencePowerful IP and standards-based unified messaging platform designed for single or multi-siteglobal enterprise.
  • Offers exceptional scalability and a superiour feature package of call answering and voice messaging capabilities.
  • Messages, from a wide array of access devices including telephones, fax machines or email, are accessible any time, anywhere.
  • Lowers total cost of ownership by integrating with popular email clients and servers and by allowing access via speech, web, PDA and a choice of telephone user interfaces, employee productivity is increased.

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Message Networking

  • Enables the streamlining and leverage of communications investments by linking stand-alone. multi-vendor messaging systems into one company-wide messaging network that delivers the power of messaging to an entire enterprise.

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Westcon Avaya 1600 1603 1608 1616 IP Phone


one-X™ Speech (Formerly: Unified Communications Center)

  • Message Networking S3210R S3500 by Avaya brought to you by Westcon ConvergenceProvides mobile, collaborative and management employees with a unified interface to their most important information and communications tools.
  • Make calls and conference calls; manage voice, fax and email messages; gain access to directories and databases; manage calendars and task lists; and set personal contact rules to make more efficient use of time - all via speech commands from any telephone.
  • Allow key associates to turn downtime into productive time, and allows them to work the way they want to work - any time, anywhere.

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