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EC500 Extension to Mobile by Avaya from Westcon Convergence

Extension to Mobile (EC500):
EC500 transparently bridges calls received by an Avaya Aura communications server to any mobile phone regardless of location or service provider. With EC500 software activated, all connected phones ring simultaneously. Calls are delivered immediately to the intended, and if that party is not available, the call is deposited in their corporate voicemail; sppeding up connectivity, improving user reponsiveness and subsequently reducing caller wait time.



one-X Mobile:
This application builds on the functionality of EC500 by providing a family of mobile clients designed to further enhance the productivity of enterprise mobile workers
There are two client options:

  • Telephony: Provides single number access for incoming and outgoing calls as well as direct access to features found on most modern office phones. This option is only designed to run on Symbian and Windows Mobile devices.
  • Unified Communications: Provides the ability to deliver functionality such as visual voicemail, corporate directory access and centralised call logs. This option is designed to run on RIM, Palm, Java, iPhone and Windows Mobile devices.
  • Lite: This version is aimed at iPhone users who require similar 'in-call; control as usrs of the Telephont client.


Session Manager by Avaya brought to you by Westcon Convergence

Session Manager:
Enables new distributed SIP-based systems featuring multi-vendor integration, centralised dial plans and user profiles, easier centralised SIP trunking, much easier 'on-net' call routing, and greatly enhanced SIP scalability and security. This enhanced architectural flexibility allows enterprises to significantly reduce telecommunications and management costs, lower their TCO and increase business agility by being able to to more rapidly deploy appropriate Unified Communications capabilities to different user groups wherever they are.

Use Session Manager in your installed base and with legacy products such as INDeX. 3rd Party vednors such as AudioCodes provide the interconnectivity to Session Manager to enable a gradual migration for your legacy customers.



SIP Enablement Services (S.E.S)
Delivers rich communications. collaboration, mobility and application integration capabilities to the enterprise. This centrally managed application provides customers with a smooth migration path into SIP-based communications with support for SIP trunking, SIP stations, Presence and Instant Messaging as well as SIP-based applications such as Modular Messaging, Meeting Exchange and Voice Portal. S.E.S is scalable to over 100,000 users.

(S.E.E is no longer compatible with CM6.0 deployments)

SIP Enablement Services S.E.S. SES by Avaya from Westcon Convergence



Application Enablement Services (A.E.S)
Session Manager by Avaya brought to you by Westcon ConvergenceA server-based software solution that provides an enhanced set of telephony Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), protocols and Web Services. AES makes the full-functionality customisation capabilities of Avaya Aura solutions accessible by coporate application developers, 3rd party Independant Software Vendors (ISVs), Authorised Business Partners and Systems Integrators through standard Web Services via SOAP/XML methods. Key functionality includes:

  • 'Click-to-Call' integration to Microsoft Office Communicator or IBM Lotus Sametime
  • 3rd Party database integration
  • CTI support for Contact Center



Avaya Aura Presence Services
Provides a scalable, high performance presence aggregation service that collects and disseminates rich presence from Avaya and 3rd Party sources. By leveraging a set of 'collectors', which link the core presence capabilities with these other presence sources, Avaya is able to bridge presence information across a diverse set of business environments. Key functionality includes:

  • Avaya Presence Aggregation: Aggregates presence from a wide range of Avaya endpoints and also leverages presence from MOC. Future releases will support presence with IBM Lotus Sametime, Lotus Domino and MS Exchange.
  • Multi-Protocol support: Support for SIP/SIMPLE and XMPP which allows 'federation' with most major IM and messaging solutions.
Avaya Presence Services brought to you by Westcon Convergence


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