System & Network Management

Prognosis VoIP Monitor
This application, from Integrated Research is now shipped with every new or upgrade release of Avaya Aura for the first 250 users. Prognosis VoIP Monitor replaces Avaya VMM. Key Features:

  • Real-time and historical voice quality
  • PBX configuration, gateway and device status
  • VoIP availability and performance
  • Phone registration
  • Call attempts and completions
  • Deep diagnostics for troubleshooting

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Integrated Management
This comprehensive set of applications is designed to simplify system administration, provisioning & network management and fault performance management operations. As a result, Avaya Integrated Management helps improve network uptime, increase staff productivity and reduce operating costs. The three focus areas for Avaya Integrated Management are:
  • Application Administration
  • Provisioning and Network Management
  • Alarming and Monitoring
Integrated Management

Network Management
Avaya's Application Assurance Networking (AAN) solution family delivers two key value propositions to Avaya customers:

  1. Detailed visibility of how well or pooly the paths through the converged IP network are working for IP telephony and data applications.
  2. Real-time optimisation of diverse paths across a WAN. Converged Network Analyser (CNA) provides the monitoring and assessment features whilst the Adaptive Path Controller adds the path optimisation capability.

Converged Network Analyser (CNA): Focuses on the end-to-end behaviour of applications as they traverse the network. The intelligence is provided by a sophisticated decision-making engine that takes business policies (application priority, expected network behaviour, cost preferences etc), along with real-time data and produces specific avoidance or cerrective actions. The CNA process involves five key steps:

  1. Monitor
  2. Assess
  3. Adjust
  4. Report
  5. Diagnose


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