Core Hardware

From the smallest, single-site organisation to the largest, multi-national corporate, Avaya have a solution that fits. With a range of Media Servers and Gateways and alternative products there is an Avaya solution for any size or type of business.

Media Servers:

  • Avaya S8800 S8X00 Media Servers from Westcon Convergence compatible with Avaya AuraS8800 - Ideal for IP-Centric installations over 150 users, where there is high application density and where resilience is paramount
    The S8800 Server supports many of Avaya's software applications and solutions, including:
    • Avaya Aura
      • Avaya Aura Application Enablement Services
      • Avaya Aura Communication Manager
      • Avaya Aura Modular Messaging
      • Avaya Aura Session Manager
      • Avaya Aura SIP Enablement Services
      • Avaya Aura System Manager
      • Avaya Aura midsize enterprise solution
    • Unified Communications Applications
      • Avaya Meeting Exchange
      • Avaya Message Networking
      • Avaya one-X Mobile
      • Avaya one-X Speech
    • Contact Center Applications
      • Avaya IQ
      • Avaya Proactive Contact
      • Avaya Voice Portal

  • S8300D - Ideal for IP-Centric, sub-150 user installations
    Resides in a G450, G430, G700, G350 or G250 Media Gateway. It can be used as a standalone communication system or as a fully surivable remote gateway

  • Note: CM6.0 is ONLY supported on S8300D and S8800 Meda Servers



Media Gateways:

  • Avaya G450 G430 and G650 Media Gateways from Westcon ConvergenceG430 - Ideal for small to medium branch/single-site offices supporting up to 150 users
  • G450 - Ideal for various size deployments, supporting up to 2400 users
  • G650 - Ideal for medium to large branch/single site solutions with a mixture of IP and TDM.

    (Note: G650 is still available but applications such as CMS r16 now support Duplicated Processor Ethernet - removing the requirement for CLAN and therefore the G650 from a number of configurations)


UCC Asean Team