Contact Centre

One X Agent from AvayaOne X Agent from Avaya one-X® Agent:
A contact centre agent desktop that gives agents the tools they need to provide a superior customer experience, whether they're working in HQ, in a branch office or home office. Key features include:

  • Integrated video capability.
  • Built-in collaboration capability.
  • Real-time status updates.
  • Single application - multiple connection modes.
  • Screen pop of custome data.
  • Call control.
  • Integrated tutorials.
  • Pre-recorded agent greetings.
  • Contact list.


Core Applications: Call Centre Basic & Elite
Avaya Call Centre is the foundation for a total customer service solution and is built upon proven and innovative Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) technology. It offers a suite of call routing solutions designed to help agents handle calls more effectively and boost the overall level of the call centre's productivity.


Multimedia: Avaya Aura Contact Centre
Provides a context-sensitive, collaborative, voice and multi-media customer contact solution. Compatible with Avaya Aura Midsize Business Template, Communication Manager 5.2 (soon after Jul 2010 launch) and Avaya CS1000.


Multimedia: Interaction Centre
Avaya's Customer Interaction Suite software platform for enterprise class management of multimedia communications: voice, video, email, web chat and IP telephony.

Interaction Centre utilises 'Business Advocate' for the monitoring of service levels along with 'Operational Analyst' for consolidated call reporting.


Business Advocate
Offers contact centre managers and customer service executives a new methodology for intelligently automating alignment of enterprise objectives with agent and management performance as well as customer needs. Key features include:

  • Proactive, automatic problem identification and resolution
  • Intelligent management and routing of inbound voice, email and web-chat sessions
  • Constant call monitoring
  • Included with CC Elite for CM 6.0 deployments


Outbound/Diallers: Proactive Contact
A suite of hardware and software that enables proactive, opportunistic management of customer relationships within the contact centre. PRoactive contact can provide inbound, outbound or a blended approach to campaigns and key functionality includes:

  • Enhanced call progress analysis
  • Cruise control
  • Agent blending
  • Multi-dialler capabilities
  • Campaign management

Self Service: Interactive Response
An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for automating telephone transactions. The system can answer inbound calls and request specific information from the caller and can even provide information or services to the caller based on that information. Callers can respond to the system through Speech, Touch Tone, Dial Pulse or using a Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD).


Self Service: Voice Portal

  • Combines the power of open-standards web technology and IP Telephony.
  • Enables organisations to deliver efficient and satisfying voice self-service applications.

Reporting: Basic Call Management System Reporting Desktop (BCMR-D)
BCMR-D provides supervisors with the real-time and historical data that they need and is ideal for small and mid-market customers. Key features include:

  • Client Server
  • Real-time displays
  • Report scheduler
  • Data display on Wallboard
  • Data export capabilities


Reporting: CMS
Provides the information and management tools that customers need to monitor and analyse the performance of their contact centre operations, showing where improvements are needed and where to take fast effective action. Key features include:

  • Automatic notification thresholds
  • Single interface for reporting and administration
  • Report management via standard reports
  • Avaya report designer
  • High availability
  • Multilingual support

Reporting: IQ
Next generation reporting and analytics platform that consolidates real time data from Avaya customer service solutions and enterprise business resources to deliver reports that relate activity to results. Key features include:

  • Single view of the customer experience
  • Unified view of blended agent performance
  • Agent behaviour reporting
  • Out-of-the-box reporting and analytics
  • Web reports
  • Time zone reporting


Reporting: Operation Analyst
A complete operational performance reporting and contact centre analytics environment for multi-channel contact centres. Key features include:

  • Real-time event processing
  • Customer interaction repository
  • Business value reporting
  • Tabular reports wizards
  • Performance reporting package
  • Analytical reports package

Avaya Workforce Optimisation (Avaya WFO)

  • An integrated solution that ensures the enterprise has the right workforce with the right skills doing the right things and doing them well to achieve corporate objectives. Avaya WFO is part of the DNA of Avaya Aura Contact Center
    • Contact Recording:
      • Compliance and sales verification
      • Reliable and secure
      • Software-based

    • Quality Monitoring: 
      • Capture on-screen activity
      • Synchronise with voice recording
    • eLearning: 
      • Best practice library
      • Auto-assign and deliver training
    • Workforce Management: 
      • Select, cobine and refine historical data
      • Quickly and Easily produce schedules
    • Central admin & Reporting:
      • Lower admin overhead and TCO
      • Standard, pre-configure or ad-hoc


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