Through the ApplianX DPNSS-to-Q.SIG Gateway, you can provide a migration solution that enables enterprises to integrate Avaya Communications Manager with their legacy DPNSS-based PBXs. This allows enterprises to take advantage of Avaya Communications Manager and to begin to realise the cost advantages of IP telephony - whilst protecting existing investments and without disrupting their current network operations.

  • Supports 2 to 4 trunks (30 to 60 channels of conversion)
  • Full supplementary service support including: Transfer, MWI, Divert, Route Optimisation, Hold and many more.
  • The gateway has been designed to be extremely simple to use and is configured via a web-based GUI. 
  • Diagnostic tools are available to ease troubleshooting, such as the ApplianX Trace Tool.

ApplianX is wholly owned by Aculab and was formed in order to provide robust and reliable systems for the fast execution of Internet based communication strategies, with rapid deployment and integration into existing infrastructures. ApplianX reaps the full benefit of Aculab's heritage as a world market leader in the design and manufacture of communications enabling technologies. That engineering excellence is now brought to bear in the world of communications appliances through ApplianX.

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PLEASE NOTE: ApplianX Gateways are not available directly from Westcon. The ApplianX products can be configured through the Avaya Solution Designer (ASD). For assistance please contact the Westcon Convergence Pre-Sales team:

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