Enterprise Data Chassis Switching

Avaya has been working for many years to bring converged communications to millions of users across the globe. Together with its business partners, Avaya jointly delivers innovative integrated IP systems - across Voice, Contact Centre, LANs, WANs, Data Centres and VPNs. The solutions are designed to leverage today's networks while providing cost-effective evolution to the networks of tomorrow.


From design, installation and launch of new networks, to the upgrade, support and management of existing systems, Avaya's portfolio of solutions is one of the most comprehensive in the industry.


Avaya LAN solutions are based on a simple two layer model - core and edge. This makes designing a solution a lot easier. Just get the appropriate number of edge switches for the number of user devices required and then deploy core switches that give you the performance and resilience to support the solution.

Avaya is at the forefront of driving Gigabit to the desktop and 10G and beyond in the core. There is a big shift in the market from 10/100 and Avaya is ideally placed to offer customers the solutions they are now demanding.


Avaya’s industry leading Switch Clustering resilience technology supports the modern converged network, carrying mission critical and real-time voice and video, delivering 99.999% availability.


Avaya Data Networking Solutions



Core Ethernet Switching


Positioned at the heart of the network, core Ethernet switches provide the aggregation point between users connected to the edge switches and applications running to the data center infrastructure. The core plays a pivotal role, determining overall network availability and performance.

Avaya’s Core Ethernet Switches are primarily differentiated from others by Switch Clustering technology, which delivers simplified always-on resiliency that extends beyond the switches to empower true end-to-end application availability. Additionally, Horizontal Stacking in the server access layer and lower overall power consumption can lead to energy cost savings, crucial advantages for any enterprise. With Avaya field-proven ability to create networks that are more resilient, needing fewer and less complex elements, the overall network design and build approach of Avaya’s LAN switches help ensure the highest levels of performance are delivered in unison with the highest levels of reliability.


Chassis Switching with the ERS 8800


Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 8800


A fully-resilient, totally-flexible, and highly-scalable solution that delivers versatile network virtualization, exceptional value and cost-effectiveness, and one of the Industry’s highest 10G Ethernet densities Companies turn to technology to help boost the bottom line and to increase productivity. Technology advances in one area often lead to real challenges in others. Virtualization is a case in point, particularly when it comes to efficiently connecting a myriad of disparate applications and systems – many now virtualized – across multiple locations.


The Avaya ERS 8800 offers multiple options that enable IP Virtual Private Networking solutions across the entire enterprise. Avaya’s Layer 3 virtualization is simple, flexible, and easy to deploy – and doesn’t require adjustments to an existing infrastructure, avoiding additional capital equipment expenditures. Because the solution is standards-based and uses well-understood IP techniques, less training time is required. This can reduce operational costs when compared to the training required for service provider-centric, Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) solutions.


Resiliency, intelligence & scalability without design complexity


The ERS 8800 is a proven, tested, resilient, and intelligent network solution that scales, delivering hundreds of Gigabits per second (Gbps) and hundreds of millions of packets per second (Mpps) of real-world performance to the core. This flexible architecture reduces the complexity of network design, making it ideal for large-scale Enterprise Campuses.


What is the Ethernet Routing Switch 8800..?


The ERS 8800...

Avaya Data Networking Solutions

  • is a new solution that consolidates the field-proven reliability of the ERS 8600 with the enhanced virtualized functionality and improved scalability that a new generation of software delivers
  • has been developed to match the transition occurring in customer networks: the progressive move to emerging, highly-virtualized networking infrastructures from what was largely a single dimension environment
  • is the latest evolution of the venerable ERS 8000 Series: which has already delivered the ERS 8100 Edge Switch, ERS 8300 Edge/Core Switch, and of course the ERS 8600 Core/Edge Switch on which the ERS 8800 is based
  • is the go-forward solution for new customers seeking the most reliable and versatile campus LAN core switch, additionally new software helps ensure high levels of investment protection and continuity of service for returning ERS 8600 customers


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