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About Aruba Networks
An effective enterprise mobility solution is molded by Aruba into a single, scalable architecture. It integrates advanced identity-based security, application delivery, voice services, network and RF management services. This integrated architecture provides an unmatched, cost-effective way to easily deploy and scale enterprise mobility. Users are able to enjoy the same experience from any location when securely accessing their enterprise services.


The following applications are supported by the Aruba solution:


  • WLAN guest access
  • mobile voice
  • fixed-mobile convergence
  • location tracking
  • unified identity-based security for wired/wireless users
  • clientless remote access
Comprised of the ArubaOS operating system, the enterprise mobility solution offers a host of valuable benefits. These are centralized management, optional value-added software modules, high-performance programmable mobility controllers with built-in hardware-based encryption and wired/wireless thin access points.


Delivering standards-based voice over Wi-Fi combined with data traffic, Aruba allows enterprises to implement mobile voice services with unmatched performance that are reliable and easy to manage Aruba solutions support large-scale Wi-Fi voice deployments by simply adding them as a new service to replace, or work in conjunction with, a fixed TDM or VoIP based phone network.


Aruba's products are currently deployed in some of the largest global organizations in every major industry, encompassing some with thousands of access points and users in the tens of thousands.


Fundamentals of Mobility Training Video
Do you need or want to learn more about the 'building blocks' of mobility?
Are your customers requesting mobile enterprise solutions to support their business initiatives?
Are you prepared to deliver enterprise mobility?
If you can answer "yes" to any of these questions, then you've come to the right place! This training video, developed and hosted by Aruba Networks, begins with the basic components of mobility and then provides you with valuable background information on how today's mobile voice and security solutions are developed.

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