Environment Management System

July 2017


Westcon Group is a distribution company providing added value to the customer and end user. Westcon Group covers a wide range of physical hardware, software and other innovations in network, telecommunications, data storage and systems security.

The Westcon Group environment management system follows a tried and tested process to ensure the system is sustainable and continues to have a positive contribution to the Environment.


The process takes the format of: 

Plan – Do – Check – Act

The main basic considerations in this methodology are:

  • A vision statement and policy for the business.
  • Identify the elements of our operation including what impact products and services have on the environment.
  • Identify environmental legal requirements and obligations relevant to Westcon Group and how these are identified and updated.
  • Process documentation required to maintain control and report performance of the management system.
  • Establishing performance of our processes, law compliance and energy use.
  • Identifying and taking corrective action where applicable to continually improve the EMS
  • Management review, involvement and support to continually improve performance.



Our main impacts on the environment are as follows:-

  1. Direct Impact on air quality Carbon CO2  emissions into the atmosphere
    1. through the use of energy such as fuel burning by means of oil and gas heating systems, car business travel, air business travel.
  2. Indirect Impact on air quality Carbon CO2 emissions into the atmosphere
    1. as a result of electric usage from building facilities such as heating, lighting, air conditioning, network and computer systems and other office peripherals.
  3. Waste materials such as:
    1. Electronic and Electric Equipment
    2. Batteries and accumulators
    3. Packaging and general office waste


Addressing impact

From 2009 to 2017 energy usage in the UK has reduced significantly with a reduction of 42% in kWh from 1,727,306 kWh down to 999,578kWh.  With the introduction of a Global EMS the company is looking to reduce energy usage across our global business.

Shipment of hardware product is transported by a third party carrier from each of our warehouses and in order to minimise the journeys each truck or container used for Westcon delivery is effectively utilised to maximise efficient use of each journey.

Westcon review vendor’s compliance with applicable legislation at the point of on-boarding and requires conformation of conformance that products meet the required country environmental legislation before distribution to customers.  Products are handled, recycled and disposed of in line with applicable legislation.

Other waste materials such as packaging and general waste are also recycled or disposed of in line with applicable legislation.



The EMS and related policies are reviewed to ensure the management system and policies continue to be relevant and meet both our corporate and legal obligations.


Company Policy 



WestconGroup (“Westcon”) recognises its role as a global corporate citizen and acknowledges its responsibilities to maintaining an environment where the protection of people and the environment is a high priority and appropriate environment safety and health legislation is met.

Purpose and scope

This policy statement sets out WestconGroup commitment to working toward achieving high health, safety and environmental standards across our global operations.

Policy objectives

Confirm WestconGroup commitment to safeguard the health and safety of our employees, suppliers, customers and the public while also reducing our impact on the environment.


The company fosters a safe, healthy workplace and promotes the continual reduction of our impact on the environment by addressing the following objectives across the business and of which implementation arrangement details are set out in the WestconGroup environmental, health and safety (“EHS”) manual:

  • Conserve resources by reusing and recycling materials, using sustainable materials and developing and continually improving operations with the use of technologies to minimise waste and minimise health and safety risks.
  • Ensure safe and proper management of hazardous materials and waste, including their handling, disposal, storage, and shipment, as well as ensuring compliance with company and legal requirements pertaining to the management of hazardous waste.
  • Develop and implement process for oversight, management and continual improvement, engaging employees in these processes, identifying awareness training requirements and any concerns or breaches of legislation.
  • Identify, meet or exceed applicable legislation across our global operations and adopt compliant Health, Safety and Environment processes and ensure integration into our core business by the involvement of all employees, managers and directors.
  • All those working within WestconGroup premises and those working on behalf of WestconGroup are expected to follow this policy and report any environmental, health and safety concern to WestconGroup management.


Policy Compliance

This company policy will apply to all company officers, directors, employees, consultants, representatives, visitors and independent contractors.

Failure to comply with this policy and guidelines, may lead to disciplinary and depending on the severity of the activity, civil and/or criminal penalties.

Each regional operating unit will establish local implementation arrangements using the full EHS policy guidance to address entity or regional specific circumstances.